About Us

The focus of the Open Box Rafter Ranch has been to produce the performance horse kind… this has allowed our family to enjoy our work on the ranch horseback, and to also be competitive in the arena…

We have concentrated on the classic bloodlines that were proven in the past and still work today… mainly Joe Reed, Three Bars, Driftwood, Hancock and King, with the early emphasis on their sons Leo, Sugar Bars, Driftwood Ike, Laughing Boy, and now descended to Flit Bar, Colonel Freckles, Orphan Drift, and John Red AAA. The foundation cowhorse bloodlines with their good minds and savvy have been important here, as has breeding to speed bloodlines for sound legs, conformation, and athletic ability.

The good stallions we've used have proven their worth as top sires, but our greatest effort has been to build a solid band of high quality, strong, balanced broodmares. The old cowboy's theory of genetics says… "75% of a colt's traits come from the mare", and "Good horses, like good men, have good mothers." That's the basis for building our program

Jim and Joni Hunt and family
P.O. Box 98
Faith, SD 57626



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